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SVdP is dedicated to helping every student achieve both Catholic and state standards by delivering a comprehensive curriculum aligned using both the Diocese of Little Rock’s “In Spirit and Truth Curriculum Guide” for Pre-K through 8th Catholic Schools and the Arkansas Education Curriculum Frameworks. High standards of performance are clear and consistent at SVdP and the conditions for learning are modified and differentiated. As a result, SVdP students have met Blue Ribbon standards for each of the past five years as measured by scores on the Stanford Achievement Test, 10th Edition.


In Spirit and Truth Curriculum Guide
The “In Spirit and Truth Curriculum Guide” applies to all PreK through eighth grade Catholic schools in Arkansas. It offers school administrators and classroom educators identifiable objectives for each subject area. The objectives assist in developing appropriate expectations for each grade in relation to the entire subject area, thus assisting in planning short- and long-range goals and periodic evaluation. The Guide was revised in 2008 by the Office of Catholic Schools in consultation with educators from various Catholic schools in the Diocese of Little Rock.

Arkansas Education Curriculum Frameworks
Learning Standards in Arkansas are defined in the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks, which are discipline-based and clearly describe what students must know and be able to do in each academic content area. The rigorous academic content standards and the student learning expectations within each document provide the focus for instruction without rigidly prescribing every element of the local curriculum. Student demonstration of the standards and learning expectations within the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks is the anchor for the state’s entire education system, with the goal of improved student learning and performance around these standards.