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Time, Talent, and Prayer

There are many ways to help our school beyond making a financial contribution. We encourage you to consider additional ways to contribute to the lives of our students. You can help plant seeds that will yield a harvest for a lifetime.


In the Classroom

Our students thrive on learning about the world outside of the classroom. Started in 2017, Community in the Classroom helps to place leaders in the classroom at the opportune time to compliment a subject, e.g. a Mortgage Lender timed with interest calculations in Math class or a State Supreme Court Judge timed with government topics in Social Studies class.

If you have the passion to give back, we have the opportunity for you. Reach out to our Principal, Alice Stautzenberger, at (479) 636-4421 for more information.

Opportunity to Serve

SVdP has several leadership opportunities designed for parents to give back their talents. Whether it be on our PTO, Booster Club, or School Board, there are multiple ways to get involved. You benefit, the school benefits, and so will your child. Numerous research projects have shown that children perform better when parents are engaged in education at school and at home.

At SVdP, the question turns from “why serve” to “why not serve.” Reach out to our school office at (479) 636-4421 or for more information.


We are taught from the very beginning how to pray and the importance of prayer.  The Bible teaches us that makes a difference.  In fact, prayer is one of the ways in which we cooperate with God’s will.

Pray for our students, that they will be open to learning.  Pray for our families, that they will continue to raise their children according to God’s law.  Pray for our staff, that they will enhance the desire to learn in each of our students.  Pray for our priests, that they will share the Catholic faith in a way that is impactful to every student. Please pray for our school.


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