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Tuition and Assistance

The Operating Budget for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School is funded through tuition and fees, the Church, and generous donors.  In 2005, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops said that it is our responsibility “…to strive towards the goal of making our Catholic elementary and secondary schools available, accessible, and affordable to all Catholic parents and their children…”  SVdP takes this to heart and is fully committed to keeping the cost to attend as economical as possible for families seeking an excellent Catholic education for their children, especially families with financial needs and those with multiple children.

Tuition is divided into 3 categories – Catholic Qualified, Catholic Non-Qualified, and Full Tuition. Families are encouraged to apply for financial aid if cost is a hurdle to attending SVdP.

It is common practice across the nation in Catholic schools for 1st-year families to be pay a higher rate.  Whether a school chooses to calls it a Maintenance Fee, a Building Fee, or an Infrastructure Fee, each school uses their own terminology.  The policy at SVdP is that 1st-year Catholic families are classified as “Catholic Non-Qualified” and can move to “Catholic Qualified” in the 2nd year.

Financial Assistance

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School is committed to keeping the cost to attend as economically feasible as possible, especially for families with financial needs.

We offer a need-based financial assistance program for qualifying students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Due to the limited number of spaces in PreKindergarten, we are unable to offer financial aid until students enter Kindergarten. Recognizing that cost can be a barrier to a private-school education, we encourage families to apply for financial aid if cost to attend is a challenge.

The Financial Aid program is administered and processed through FACTS.  All financial information is kept strictly confidential.

Arkansas LEARNS Act

As part of the Arkansas LEARNS Act, some children are eligible to receive vouchers to go towards the cost of a private school education. For more information, click here.

Admissions FAQs

Thank you for your interest in pursuing academic excellence at St.Vincent de Paul Catholic School. If you need additional answers, please contact the school and we will be happy to help you.
Do you charge tuition?

Yes.  Tuition is an integral part of the operating budget for SVdP.  There are 3 tiers – Catholic Qualified, Catholic NonQualified, and Full Tuition.  All NEW families will begin in Catholic NonQualified and can move to Catholic Qualified in their 2nd year of attendance.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. Approximately 10% of SVdP students receive some form of financial assistance.

It is the policy of SVdP that no child receiving a scholarship attends for free. If a family receives “full” financial assistance, they are expected to pay $125 per month.

For more information, contact Missy Webster at or (479) 636-4421.

Is our family required to be members of a Catholic church?

No.  Approximately 80% of our students are Catholic, while the other 20% come from a variety of faith backgrounds.  Catholic families have a higher priority ranking for financial assistance, but there is no requirement to be Catholic to attend SVdP.  The Catholic Qualified tuition rate is for members of St. Vincent de Paul in Rogers or St. Stephen in Bentonville, provided they meet sacrament and tithing guidelines.

If you have any questions about SVdP tuition or financial assistance,

please call or email Missy Webster, Finance Director,

(479) 636-4421 or